Q: You are sooo cute

Thankx :)

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Take Notes 😎💥💯 
Take Notes 😎💥💯 
Boy Meets Boy 👬😍😏🙌
3|16 😊😍🙌👏👬
Baby Love Me Lights Out 😏💕💋🙌👬
Q: How the hell you loose your phone

They Had A Money Drop In The Club . It Was A Lot Of People Around & It Got Knocked Outta My Hand

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Boy you know you wanna put a ring on my finger,
This lovin’ so good, I should never be single
He love the way I throw it like a pitcher on the mound,
Put it on ‘em, make ‘em wanna wife a bitch down

Put it on ‘em, make ‘em wanna marry me”

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BEYONCÉ | On the Run

A “sort of” sequel to 03 Bonnie & Clyde, “Part II (On the Run)” is a new Jay-Z and Beyoncé track taken from Jay’s new album. Thankfully, we’ve also been treat to a wonderful solo version of the song from Bey. I’m really loving Timbaland’s current production at the moment, and I hope that he ends up working on Leona Lewis’ 4th album (purely from a selfish pov haha). 

Anyway, check out this awesome track!

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